In case you don't know a subliminal message is a signal or message embedded in another medium, designed to pass below the normal limits of perception. These messages are unrecognizable by the conscious mind, but affect the subconscious or deeper mind and later actions or attitudes.

Subliminal messaging can help you improve your life with minimal effort, all you need to do is listen to a subliminal mp3 and watch the affirmation video daily to achieve the goals you want.

We have a catalog of more than 100 titles, for each title we have created 2 albums for you to choose from. The 2 albums are:

Cheap Subliminals - only $4.97

Mini Subliminals - 0nly $1.47

Album includes

15 minute subliminal mp3 using the 5 Audio Technologies system

5 minute subliminal mp3 using our exclusive Super Speed System

Affirmation Video

plus receive the 2 Mini mp3s

Album includes

A 2 minute subliminal mp3 - positive affirmations are embedded into relaxing ambient music to by-pass the conscious mind while reprogramming your subconscious.

A 2 minute silent subliminal - a silent subliminal is effectively a "silent" track as the affirmations are played at a frequency at which the conscious mind cannot "hear" anything.


Our Packages have many advantages over a 1 hour mp3 or CD

  • You might not have the time to listen to a cd for 1 hour, while you can listen to these mp3s for 15 or 5 minutes sessions (and the video is approximately only 2 minute long) or listen to the 2 minute mp3s on a loop for as long as you want.
  • We all have different problems or addictions we want to overcome; with our packages you can listen to more subliminal mp3s and spending less than with other albums.
  • File size is low (approximately 30 mb and only 2mb for mini) which makes download quicker. No need to wait days for the post, you will get your mp3s instantly after purchase.
  • You can easily transfer the mp3s on your ipod or mp3 player and have it with you all the time, plus low file size means you can store more on your mp3 player.
  • 60 minute mp3s or cds will use the same affirmations on a loop for the whole duration of the track.Listening to a shorter mp3 on a loop for 1 hour will be as effective. © 2014
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